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Who in your life would you give inspirational or motivational credit to?

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June 30, 2020
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July 24, 2020

„Are you feeling as inspired as I am? This week has been a testament of faith, a resurgence of energy, cemented integrity, gems, passion and triumph. "And the motivational and inspirational credit for these sentiments goes to... (Drum roll please) Brandice Daniel, the Harlem's Fashion Row team, all of the creatives and entrepreneurial speakers. (The crowd goes wild with applause and appreciation)." July 15-17 of 2020 is a staple in history in my journey. It was a sense of collaborative efforts on one accord even though we all were in different stages of our journey. A sense of community was introduced and proposed without necessarily knowing the creative but the ENERGY served as an ice breaker. Through conversation we designers networked, proposed our ideas and offered advice and constructive criticism on how to escalate your idea from experience.

As a take away from so many known designers the motif was not giving up and the foundation of struggle in order to propel your idea because they knew it was necessary. The notion of dissecting impossible and affirming I'm possible was the inspiration in itself. We heard stories from Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Asha Harper, Steven Kolb, Ryan Robertson and I am going to stop there because I am bound to forget someone. However, so many professionals were willing to share their journey to assure that we weren't alone in going through so many emotions, overcoming hardship just to dedicate our talent, passion and love to our craft. Onto the competitions when it was time to show off your designs and the process through sketches and decks ICON 360 and Nike Combine. Congratulations to the winners and every participant that made it to the finals. It was such a tough decision to pick just one in my opinion. The Nike Dinner was incredible when you are the table and the seat here comes Brandice and her team to provide the platform in which all of the creatives were grateful. Why was the 3 day retreat so significant to me? Allow me to add my SPLASH!”


My favorite actionable is to create, inspire by giving back to my community and motivate myself by revisiting dreams that I wrote down to push them forward with new information acquired. Music also plays a huge role in this because you need tunes to bop, dance or recite to be in the mode of working at least for me. The story or journey of elevation came from accepting things I couldn't change, accepting my unconventional methods that no one understands until I add the final piece to the puzzle and being able to stand alone but working better and smarter with my team. As many may experience I too am so accustom to doing things on my own; that asking for assistance is an after thought. However, it is so imperative to ask when necessary as the help can alleviate you from a task and open up free time. Having and building a solid team is a key to a strong foundation. Wherever you lack they pick up and when you need honesty they let you know what is or isn't working. Many read books from the front to back or back to front. I suggest read the room. However, meet people where they are today as they are introduced to you. Stay in the moment of the present it is what matters along with your faith as small as a mustard seed.

So if I were to be presented an award this is how it would be. (Ahem) This week has been a blessing. I am forever grateful for stepping out on faith and utilizing my versatile skills that I have acquired over the years to be in the Harlem's Fashion Row creative forum. Brandice Daniel you have resurged the light in many with your wisdom and expertise. The Harlem's Fashion Row Designer Retreat has been peace, collaborative and enlightening. To the winners of the competitions, kindred creative spirits and to the entrepreneurs whose stories we heard; THANK YOU. You deserve inspirational and motivational credit in the path of what will become of ideals and support. The world needs your talent, creativity and for you to tell your story through your journey. (no typo - intended to be read just as it is typed) --> My heart is soul full. (Applause) Ok let me hurry up before they cue the music. GOD IS GOOD! Much gratitude to my family, friends who have been extensions of family, my willingness to learn and resilience as self worth was honored in the legacy of my grandma's strength. THANK you, You and YOU!."

Are you still there? Let me put you on to the playlist and daily focus words for this week.

(Monday) July 13, 2020 Today's Focus: Self Sufficiency

Motivational Tune: I Smile - Kirk Franklin

Inspirational Tune: Ladies Night - Lil' Kim, Missy, Left Eye, Da Brat and Angie Martinez

(Tuesday) July 14, 2020 Today's Focus: Self Importance

Motivational Tune: Blessed - Fred Hammond

Inspirational Tune: Been Around The World (remix) - Puff Daddy and The Family

(Wednesday) July 15, 2020 Today's Focus: Self Love

Motivational Tune: God Favored Me - Hezekiah Walker

Inspirational Tune: Something In Common - Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston

(Thursday) July 16, 2020 Today's Focus: Self Worth

Motivational Tune: Open My Heart - Yolanda Adams

Inspirational Tune: Same Ol' Mistakes - Rihanna

(Friday) July 17, 2020 Today's Focus: Self Respect

Motivational Tune: I Didn't Know My Own Strength - Whitney Houston

Inspirational Tune: At Your Best - Aaliyah

(Saturday) July 18, 2020 Today's Focus: Self Improvement

Motivational Tune: Imagine Me - Kirk Franklin

Inspirational Tune: Mary J. Blige - Everything

(Sunday) July 19, 2020 Today's Focus: Selfless

Motivational Tune: Never Would Have Made It - Marvin Sapp

Inspirational Tune: Hussle & Motivate - Nipsey Hussle

As I end this scroll remember to TRUST YOUR PROCESS, shake the room and be gentle with yourself and your mental health. I will leave you with this quote as I am still processing how great the 3 day retreat was. This blog would turn into a production if I really broken down each day. And the quote goes a little something like this "I collaborate with my team first before outsourcing. There is so much talent within your family and circle as well as a need for them to see the options inside of an opportunity. To know there is a possibility within their interest that you believe in them and are willing to support them is priceless." - Chanel Benjamin Inspirational credit through conversation Instagram @evolifashiongroup Did you work on your dream today?

Continue to be creative, kind and blessed!


Peace Lilly

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