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What is your favorite Kanye West moment?

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June 22, 2020
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Solitude during Covid-19
June 30, 2020

„For motivational and inspirational purposes this was written in 2017 when I tapped in and heard the undertone of layers in the song "Only One." It was difficult to listen to but it served as a point of motivation as he pushed the stronger vocals. The reason being you won't grasp every thought out intention with just one listen of any album.

As your homework GO back and listen closely with headphones or in the shower to create an unprecedented acoustic to understand the dot I am trying to connect. Kanye West's collaboration with the GAP highlights the song "Spaceship" 16 years later. Why is this significant? Allow me to add my SPLASH!”


My favorite Kayne moment was found in listening to his albums backward. As if you are reading a story about the growth of someone through loss, experiencing fame versus wanting fame. This perspective showed rising to the occasion through finding that 'Jesus is King' from the introduction of being a 'College Dropout.' Now from this perspective, we start at the rise or the apex of one's higher self as far as awareness. This viewpoint was when I arrived at the notion that we as people read many as a book. The question I sometimes propose to others is how do you read a book?

Why is this important because personally I start from the back cover, choose a random page in the middle and then start from the beginning. Why? Because in life you meet someone within their journey and they may not be the most complete person but they are trying. In life, we can dissect someone by asking them questions pertaining to how they became who they are now. Or we prejudge them based on hearsay without being introduced to them in real-time. In Kanye West words on Sway in the morning he "did the education.' Now let's explore his solo albums in their released order: The College Dropout (2004), Late Registration (2005), Graduation (2007), 808s & Heartbreak (2008),My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010), Yeezus (2013), The Life of Pablo (2016), Ye (2018) and Jesus is King (2019)."

Are you still there? In the song 'New God Flow' raps "Welcome to Sunday service if you hope to someday serve us/We got green in our eye, just follow my Erick Sermon" fast forward to present time when he was touring with his choir performing at 'Sunday Service.' The spoken word is powerful to revisit and strategize. Next case in 'Jesus Walks' it opens with an intro "We at war/We at war with terrorism, racism/But most of all we at war with ourselves (Jesus walk)/God show me the way because the Devil's tryna break my down (Jesus walk with me)." Onto his latest release, Jesus is King from the intended order of counting album 1-9 you witness the new innovation perspective of an upcoming rapper whose jaw was wired shut but still was spitting Through The Wire. As we traveled on a journey with him we changed our style of dress to Polo shirts and backpacks. Not to mention witnessing him cope and grieve his mother onto stating Beyonce is the greatest entertainer of all time. A creative finding his sound as his initial introduction was through beats and him believing in himself even after people told him he was wack to him expressing his creativity in talking about God.

If we listen to it was intended the theme of the rise and a fall. He understood his fans wanting the Old Kanye but he evolved from when he first started. Now if you listen to his discography backward you will be on the journey of praise and appreciation for what he has been through. Today, the deal with the GAP makes perfect sense for Kanye's plan within his passion and his passionate stance painting a picture with words on him working his grave shift there. Present-day from 16 years ago he is in a partnership reintroducing Spaceship and you see the growth. TRUST YOUR PROCESS (periodT pooh). {I always wanted to write that. Lol. I hear it so much.} As a creative, it is important to create your own lane and have creative control and ownership of your brand. Allow yourself time to grow and no matter how many times you have to readjust, reintroduce, or remind yourself in the words of Kanye's affirmation "I Am A God" - do so. As I leave you to process your train of thought that I just jogged. How do you read a book?

Think about it...

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