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The Routes We Follow

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May 26, 2019
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May 26, 2019

The Routes We Follow is such a strong title for a reflection of life in general. I believe that we are exactly where we are supposed to be and the paths we choose to take or the roads that go untraveled resurface and another opportunity is granted. Or the time passes and we live in the regret of the what ifs, golden years and the remember when.

Chanel Speedy: As an artist, what matters the most to you?

Hodaya Louis: What matters to me the most is inspiration or what should I paint? When I don't know what to paint I find myself very agitated and tense. The moment an inspiration hits me; I feel revived and excited. An inspiration can be as simple as a good color palette combination, an angle of a person, or interesting composition.

Chanel Speedy: Define the style your creative outlet exemplifies?

Hodaya: I work on female figurative as well as abstracts. In my figuratives, I like to mixed classical, fine-art methods and combine them with fresh elements such as neon markers or cut outs of metallic fabric. I like to create contrasts of textures and emotions. MY abstract is about the discovery of texture and colors - also with resisting elemnts and a strong sense of contrasts. Chanel Speedy: How does your personal style of fashion influence your creativity?

Hodaya: I love flowing fabric and how it enhances the sense of femininity. Working in the fashion industry in the past gave me some knowledge and understanding of fabric construction - see through silk chiffon, Crispy taffeta etc. I love to challenge myself and capture a sense of certain fabric.

„My favorite part about completing a piece would be to successfully depict what I had in mind.”


Chanel Speedy: How long have you been using elements of lighting, props and delivering a connection within your artwork? Explain your favorite part of completing a piece?

Hodaya: I have been using the elements of lighting for few years. I started taking photos of my models, using lighting in dramatic effects, to create certain looks that I envisioned. The dramatic lighting helps me to focus on what I like to depict - interesting shadows and lights. My favorite part about completing a piece would be to successfully depict what I had in mind. For example, shiny gold, a challenging element of reflecting, etc.

Chanel Speedy: What do you believe to be your greatest piece is thus far? Explain.

Hodaya: My piece entitled "The routes we Follow" is my greatest piece personally because it has been displayed at the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art. I think it's a great piece overall because I feel that it shows a strong female bond. It also captures the fabric flowing in the wind. It has expressive yet precise brushstrokes - quick motions that took me a while to confidently execute.

Chanel Speedy: Good well done! I feel that timing does not play a factor in something you hold dear to your heart that you put your all into due to your vision for it. I was fortunate enough to see the piece in person as well as see the models you used for this piece. It was a great moment beyond the artwork it became a reality in the present.

Where do you see yourself in the future in the art world within the next 5 years?

Hodaya: In five years I am hoping to have my own solo show in Chelsea contemporary gallery. As well as developing rish body of work, both figurative and abstract.

Chanel Speedy: What marketing channel is the most successful for you?


Hodaya: Instagram has been my main channel. It helps me sell new work, promote art events and get instant feedback for work.

Chanel Speedy: How do you plan on expanding on this momentum?

Hodaya: I plan to grow and strengthen my network by being open to collaborations, meeting other artists and keeping in touch with my Instagram friends/clients by emailing updated news on my whereabouts.

Chanel Speedy: Tell us the story behind your inspiration or of a person who inspires you?.

Hodaya: My inspiration comes from my father David Louis, who is an amazing artist. Since childhood I would take art lessons, draw and paint next to him in the studio. He taught me a lot about how to become better - learn, practice, practice and not be afraid of failures. i.

Chanel Speedy: That is amazing. What do you hope to accomplish in the field of getting your craft noticed?

Hodaya: I constantly submit my work to open calls, gallery proposals etc. I also don't hesitate to create new work if I want to get attention of certain client or brand. For example if I am aware of a hotel that is looking for a specific style of artwork, if I don't have anything in stock I would create new work and submit it.

Chanel Speedy: Very impressive. I believe in written and verbal affirmations so what do you envision for yourself doing in 10 years?

Hodaya: In ten year I would like to expand on my five year goals and accomplish having my own gallery that is hopefully close to my studio. That is my dream!

Chanel Speedy: What do you consider your strengths? Your weaknesses?

Hodaya: My strength is being able to learn and excel in many mediums in art. It has helped me grow my skills and train myself in new areas. My weakness is the balance between marketing and painting. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the amount of work I have envisioned in my mind. The business aspect of art - uploading art, selling, communication with possible clients etc. Together it feels like an endless work and that sometimes makes me feel tired and I spend the day doing nothing... So I try to give myself short to-do lists daily; so it's less overwhelming to-do.

Thank you. For more information on Hodaya Louis artwork visit her Instagram page

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