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Solitude during Covid-19

What is your favorite Kanye West moment?
June 27, 2020
Peace Lilly
Who in your life would you give inspirational or motivational credit to?
July 19, 2020

Poetry for inspirational purposes.


It's the idea of you

Just you is the idea

No one else sees you at your weakest moment

Stay strong - you're strong willed

The eyes are the window to the soul

The people will never know

Well maybe your eyes need shade

That's why some are closing the curtain

Just to be alone in a non social setting

So they can be social with a pen

Escaping reality

Exploring opportunity

Not knowing where their mind is heading

Concentrating on being STILL

For failure is not an option

Is your calling an advancement prophet sent to educate properly through your dreams?

That get you to think positively and rise above poverty

Forcing you to take heed of corruption

Binocular view - the youth our solution

They have progressive ideas and are fearless

Poetic dissection meant for reader's digestion

As eye piece this together piece by piece because of peace

Alone eye can think because its silent

Once my silence is broken - truth be told

Straighten facts - eye release - its time

For the sun to go down to see the moon shine

Are you ready to take on the world geared with the thoughts you jotted down that were on roam?

Eye'll be back

Eye'll return to my poetic home


Written by: Chanel Benjamin

Recorded by: Chanel Speedy


Book Recommendations

Sacred Woman by Queen Afua

{Are you still there???} ---> The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

All About Love by Bell Hooks

Movie/TV show recommendations

Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu)

Black Lightning (Netflix)

The Chi (Showtime)

Dear White People (Netflix)

School Daze

All American (The CW)

Snowfall (FX)

Blood & Water (Netflix)

Homecoming (Amazon)


Paid in Full

American Gangster


Buy or make a journal or Passion Planner

Schedule a self care day(s)

Create a checklist to accomplish

Tap back into your gift or creative outlet

Be STILL if you need to. Determine how you want to schedule your time.

Check out @beyondanopenmind on Instagram for thoughtful gifts

This ends my scroll. 1. Try to stay positive. 2. Uplift your vibration by learning a skill. 3. Allow yourself to feel and express any emotion that comes to mind. 4. Be gentle with yourself and rest if you need to. 5. Check-in on your loved ones well being and mental health and offer them their love language.

Until next time continue to be light.


Shoot around alone

Splashy Playlist (For motivational purpose)

  1. Total – Sittin’ Home

2. Chrisette Michelle – Notebook

3. Soul V Real – Candy Rain

4. Trey Songz – Please Return My Call

5. Subway ft. 702 – This Lil’ Game We Play

6. Cherish – Moment in Time

7. Teyana Taylor ft. Chris Brown – Do Not Disturb

8. 702 – Get It Together

9. Ne-Yo – Never Knew I Needed

10. Whitney Houston – I Look to You

(Bonus Track) Nipsey Hussle – Hussle & Motivate

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They Love My Splash
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