a lasting impression


Eye See Reality

The nation is under rehabilitation the entertainers are in rehabilitation so worried about celebrities babies instead of african american men being incarcerated as we deteriorate in society is the plan for our men stop going the short haul to satisfy their plan im sure they love places of fun supposed to restriction use your brain power to decide transformation

although its crossed wired
reconstruct before you self destruct
it’s hard to be yourself in there
you have to stay hard to imply no entry

you stay hard
so you have to release
oppression all over again
the next one is your third strike
took the opp
not to be confused with the abbreviation
opp for opportunity
im in this box for taking opp
Other People’s Property

They say love is pain However, Pain is pain I pained when I seen you inject yourself with a needle Knowing my pain would fill a void in you You offered to play hide and seek because you couldn’t bear for me to find the new love you seeked More secretive you became all for your selfish escape

In my mind, it was too late 
And time wasn’t on my side 
I thought I let you die 
The weakness in your body
matched the strength of my silence 
The war you were fighting 
brought forth nervousness
while your nervous system called it quits 
Mindset shift
Long sleeves to hide razor slits 
You resemble nothing 
I once remembered to breathe life 
Skeletal remains
broken mirrors 
Nightly hungry quivers 
Three letters
quieted your rivers 
Darkness as my future 
I couldn’t get pass my role models path 
Sunset at last
tears drop fast 
Memory tracks 
My heroine is on heroin 
A sentence with no comma, quotations or lettering 
I took your pain and made it mine 
Buried my smile
allowed burdens to be placed on my heart 
The insertion of your new found love Pain 
tore us apart 
They say love is pain 
However, Pain is still loved 
Rest In Peace

Can I, do you? SHHH don’t speak
I want to wrap my legs around
the idea of stimulating your brain
have it release my inner genius

Drown you in a pool of poetic juices
Squeezing the physical contents of affection
Can I undress your deepest fantasy?

Kissing your dreams, so they will forever be wet
when you think of me
Can I flirt with unity?
Until you and I are interlocked in unison

My intellect will do lap dances around your cranium
until you softly cry of enlightenment

Sweat passion
Breathe orgasms
Mind control regiment
Forcing you to lose, all of it
Perfect trip to happiness
Chest high
Eyes wide
Tongue flicking vernacular
tasting the nectar of a sweet… poem

Can I bite gently?
There’s your reality
I cleaned your mental plate
Can I be your sweet escape?