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Love and Survival

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January 22, 2020
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June 27, 2020

Love and survival are often introduced in our everyday choices, relationships, and within facing adversity. Identifying your love language is one way to determine how you want to receive appreciation and feel a connection with others. The five ways to experience and express love languages are physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, and acts of service.

Mastering the identification of your love language(s) will subconsciously enhance a level of awareness within maintaining effective interactions with others. The act of determining if you would help out a loved one with a hardship they are facing or allow them to figure it out on their own are both examples of a subdivision of love and survival.

In the first scenario, love is shown through support, and being in the position to alleviate your loved one from their current hardship as they are prepared to adjust to survival. In the second scenario, tough love is shown and the loved one will soon discover how to overcome this hardship through survival. What if the person in scenario two is just barely making ends meet and even though they would love to help they are not in the position to. Due to them being accustomed to surviving without the assistance of others. By extending their security without a guarantee of a prompt return can compromise their comfort is too risky for them.


Time spent observing and interacting with someone will help you to figure out their likes and dislikes. These experiences will expose what they will or won't tolerate according to how they respond or react to your unconscious habits.

Acknowledging someone's love language shows commitment to you paying attention when they speak. Enough to give them something that they have yearned for as a surprise or introducing them to a factor that was missing in their life.


The art in conversation can be depicted as well as body language; it can also be misinterpreted if not expressed verbally. Most people just want you to do good; others want you to be better. Challenging the people in your life is imperative because it demonstrates the accountability you uphold for oneself.

Being a loving person you can receive love in many different forms. Being raised on and with love shines a light on the positives even if negative situations are presented. However, when you step outside of the teachings of your home to carry out your worldly duties among others your lessons will be tested. You may come across the other side of what you were taught in the likeness of those who were raised on survival and who have only experienced conditional love.

Someone who is solely taught to love despite the circumstance learns how to fight by making impromptu decisions based on what another person has presented to them. The impact of the consequence for them deciding to take a stand to fight back. Or stay within their realm of familiarity will affect them indefinitely. A loving person who has to learn how to survive in a world with others who may solely navigate in the mode of survival reflects a form of self-preservation. In contrast to the other person having the sole support of their family no matter the circumstance. There is also the person who has adapted to the spectrum of love and survival as a defensive mechanism due to adjusting to the different environments they accompany.

I grew up on love and I also knew how to survive because Harlem World prepared me for this. [shameless plug]. Also with traveling to different places learning the culture of others and deescalating misunderstandings by being a Project Manager once upon a time. If you put both the person who is loving in the room with the person who grew up on survival with a ration of food; the instincts of both teachings will be presented in the form of common taught beliefs.

The person who grew up on survival doesn't trust the person who is loving because they do not know them and secondly they are hungry and are used to fending for everything they have. They are prepared to fight you for the last crumb. The loving person who has compassion and often forgives quickly will try to reason with the person to satisfy their hunger. Who has the upper hand in your opinion? Is it the person who bases their life around survival or the person who bases their life on love?

Until the loving person is recognized as non-threatening and a person that they don't have to fight for the power of survival to satisfy their hunger they may ease up. Feeling a sense of trustworthiness in the loving person determines if they eat. How hungry is the "loving" person? Will survival kick in and they fight the person accustomed to survival or do they become passive and not voice their deep concerns regarding their hunger? To eat everything or to ration the food and share? Decisions, decisions.

This is why it is important to learn, unlearn, and adjust to the times as ideals, technology, or heighten understandings change with knowledge. In simpler terms READ THE ROOM! You have to condition people how to treat you and offer the approach you respond to the best. The last thing you want to do is not respond to discomfort and accept what is being given to you. Leading to you coexisting with FEAR instead of living and vocalizing your TRUTH. Take every opportunity to unclutter your mental space, value your time, spread your love, and honor the skillful advancements you are composed of. Where would you be without the opinions of others? Where would you be without knowledge of self?

Think about it...

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  1. Rory Bacote Jr. says:

    Reading the room ismost important to adapt to love on all levels stated in this! U got my love from this and i advised readers to revisit this afterwards! There’s angles in here that I never seen and it helped me understand myself and the outsiders walking through life. Love is the law and as u can see there’s many levels to it which is ALL LOVE!

    • Thanks for reading! I agree to the statement you made about adaptability. Continue to be light. I appreciate your reflective words. I’m glad to express thought perspective writing style and it resonates. Love is law and it is universal. – SPLASH

  2. Cin says:

    Love it!! When you get a chance (anyone reading this) look into attachment styles. It’s a huge part on how we behave In romantic relationships. Secure, anxious, avoidant and I believe anxious avoidant. Great read btw!

    • Thank you so much for reading!!! As well as giving a bit more of a dynamic to research driving deeper from your knowledge. I will be looking into attachment styles as well. The art of conversation always flows when a point of view of expressed and a comment is made to expound on the presented material. Excellent!!!

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