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Fashion Splash alert: Introducing Binguyin

Entrepreneur Spotlight
May 26, 2019
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May 26, 2019

Support goes a long way and together we can go further if we assist our friends in their endeavors.

Visionaries and entrepreneurs are the inspiration behind everything that is popularized. We are shining the Entrepreneur Spotlight on a new t-shirt brand Binguyin!

Chanel Speedy: As an artist what matters the most to you?

Binguyin: As a new artist what matters the most is being influential to others. Showing people that if you're passionate about anything, you will accomplish your goals.

WORK equates from FORCE times DISTANCE.

„Starting is a direction.”

Chanel Speedy: Where do you see yourself in the future in the fashion world in the next 5 years?

Binguyin: In the next five years, I see myself continuing to grow in the fashion industry. I see myself trying new things and pushing my limitations beyond my wildest dreams to create pieces I never knew I could.


Chanel Speedy: What do you consider your strengths? Your weaknesses?

Binguyin: I consider my strengths to be my passion. My passion pushing me to try new things without limitations.

Chanel Speedy: What are your top three best selling Binguyin t-shirts.?

Binguyin: The Nipsey Hussle (rest in power to a great inspiration to the community, self betterment and the belief in love, entrepreneurial spirit and advancement.) The Gimme the Loot iconic Biggie in the Coogi sweater and the WARNING t-shirt.

Chanel Speedy: I had to support you. We grew up together and I always noticed you always had a driven mentality in anything you applied yourself to. No matter the obstacle place in front of you please keep GOing! LOL (literally). I am sorry I definitely inserted a new question and you were about to answer the second half of the first question.



Binguyin: My weakness is not being able to learn everything in a day. I'm so passionate about the industry that I wish I was able to learn all I need to know in one day.

Chanel Speedy: I feel that Binguyin is a very versatile t-shirt line that you can dress up or dress it down. To me Binguyin represents the culture and as you progress in learning your weakness will become your strength. As in although it may seem as if you are not learning a vast amount in one day. You are already ahead of the curve because each day you apply and retain what you learned the day before you will get better and faster at your passion. I wish you the best in your present and future endeavors. You will always have my support.

To purchase Binguyin merchandise visit:

To follow the Binguyin brand and see all of the new flavas first follow on Instagram:

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