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Gender Matters: Would you rather be UNDERpaid or OVERrated?
July 24, 2020
Class is in session!
September 15, 2020

I'm so excited to announce that They Love My Splash is collaborating with Beyond an open mind!!! How did this come about you ask? Through genuine support and by me being asked deeper questioning. Everything starts with being grateful, following your passion and assisting others. Love unconditionally with a clean heart, shine and continue to be light as you are committed to growth. It would be remiss of me to not thank the CEO/Founder Jasmine for thinking of an innovative way to support my community efforts and other entrepreneurs businesses as this is the first raffle of its kind to promote empowerment, positivity and support. [Instagram handle] @beyondanopenmind is a healing and wellness business in which you can gift with meaning.”

Chanel: Jasmine would you like to introduce the initiative

Jasmine: The raffle is $1 there are unlimited entries and the prize is a beautiful chucky Pink Tourmaline known for its healing of emotional wounds. Throughout this pandemic we have all experienced a breakthrough. You know breakthroughs are never an easy walk in the park, but to continue the practice of self love so that we can radiate love to others is something else. So proud of you!

Chanel: Awww I'm proud of you too! [Hold your thoughts. Alexa play Gunna - Dollaz on my head] "I've been gettin' it since a toddler/I keep dollars on my head/ Bein' a real one is my model/handle my problems/I ain't scared/I put Prada on my collar 'cause she proud of what I said." That's my favorite part.

Jasmine: Thank you! For being amazing and for your unconditional love.

Chanel: See I am only going to let one thug tear drop. Lol. I appreciate you soul much!

Jasmine: To Enter: $1 equates to one entry there are unlimited entries. You can send your raffle entries to cashapp $Jasminezeal and in the notes enter your IG handle. The raffle stay open until July 31, 2020 11:59 pm and the winner will be announced in @beyondanopenmind Instagram stories on August 1, 2020 at 8: 30 am. Shipping in US only. 50% of the proceeds will be donated to They Love My Splash LLC owned and managed by Chanel Benjamin ( show this Empress some love and get to know her. I promise you'll appreciate her wisdom!

Chanel: To be loved. To be loved. Ohhhh what a feeling to be looooovvvveeedddd. Haha I had to. Thank you so much for your time, vision, effort, platform and heart.

There are 24 hours in a day. How much of that time is your child on some form of technology instead of working on a craft or learning a skill fundamentally? Did you ask how they feel or what are their future aspiration today, yesterday or the day before? Children were pulled out of their normal routine without any clue why and forced into a digital realm of communication and interaction. If your child is a hugger excite a time for love so they can expect it. If your child misses their classmates help schedule a social distance party; heavy on the social and perhaps rent a bouncy house.

Adults can cope or maintain a rapid adjustment sometimes. Children just want to know why they can't do things they use to do. Pay attention to your children, help them to maintain their innocence and assist them to explore the possibilities in life. Parents, adults, family and caregivers are you in need of a moment for self care? Go to for gifts with meaning.


They Love My Splash LLC is a youth mental health awareness, worldly education and entrepreneurial readiness through multi-media entertainment services for children. In the form of workshops, creation, pre/post production and giving tools for youth to excel with options and opportunities. is a promotional platform for entrepreneurs to highlight their gifts in the form of art (visual, culinary, fashion, shoe design, written, spoken, healing etc). STAY TUNED for a pivot in They Love My Splash.

"REMEMBER: there is joy in giving someone something that you once lost. The action of giving someone something they need because you recognize the feel lost is priceless.' - Chanel Benjamin


They Love My Splash
They Love My Splash
Splashology 101: #TheyLoveMySplash is a lifestyle promotional outlet to display the many forms of art, exploring and connecting with creatives who challenge us.

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