Are you ready to experience VR WORLD NYC???

Are you looking for something fun to do in the city? Of course, you are. Have you ever wanted to feel the adrenaline and emotions of Nelly Furtado singing “I’m like a bird/I’ll only fly away” — without worrying about staying in tune during a session of karaoke? Or have you ever wanted to live out your dream of being the next Danica Patrick or Mario Andretti on the race track? Insert detective emoji here. The perfect new hot spot whether it is a family outing or a night out on the town with your crew to drink, play and explore is… (drum roll please) VR WORLD!!!

VR World [located at 8 E 34th Street in Midtown, Manhattan] gives NYC explorers and visitors the opportunity to discover technology throughout three floors. With a host of immersive art, music, film and gaming mixed reality be ready to be entertained; all the while being transported through different adventures in real time.

Flying Jet

The new venue features simulators that are life like as the robotics assist with the impact, motion and feeling. You can seek your inner thrill on the Flying Jet pack experience with a dropping and tilting motion for an afternoon adventure. Or if you are more of a free spirit you can interact on Eagle Flight in which you will feel the freedom of flying through the skies of Paris.

Project Cars 2

What can you expect from Project Cars 2? For starters be prepared to be strapped in for the lap of your life. From the throttles that make your heart feel as if it is caving into your chest onto the effects of the course and steering wheel. Pointer: be in for a ride!

After capturing the thrill of the many adventures and screaming for the sake of fun. Have a seat at the bar and catch up with friends over a drink as a DJ spins the latest and greatest tunes. Seize the day — even if its after work — ready — set — GO — PLAY! Visit http://vrworldnyc.com to purchase tickets and for more information.

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