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They Love My Splash is an outlet that displays the arts in various forms through advertising, endorsing services, promotion/marketing brands and business consulting. 

Our focus is ensuring we can grant the youth opportunities to express themselves through creative expression, educate in their field(s) of interest, expand their entrepreneurial skills, the importance of practicing self-care, mental health awareness and providing opportunities to present their art form.

We promote excellence in different forms of multimedia to present art in its truest form; through the stories of life. We explore ART expressed visually, written, in the form of fashion, culinary and music just to name a few.

Our new collaboration is with Chanel Speedy®️ the author of Eye See Reality, we are entering in the field of publishing literary works. Which will be our first Entrepreneur Spotlight as we pivot into a new area of artistic expression. We have a fun roll out for this project that is interactive, crafty and splashy! As the arts are being a lost art form in schools it doesn’t have to be in the community. 

We all have a wave that builds up into a ripple effect causing a SPLASH. It is up to you, YoU and YOU to live in the moment. Don’t make assumptions and share your Successful Plan in Life At Succeeding with Hardwork. (SPLASH!)

Are you wondering how you can display your artistic talent and be featured in the Entrepreneur Spotlight column?

Submit your portfolio, EPK, or bio to [email protected] for your talent to be displayed.

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